Integrative Therapy: Coaching, Counselling and Psychotherapy 

I work with individuals who want to explore making positive change and progression in different areas of their lives. They may be fed-up with feeling anxious, unhappy, or stuck in a bad job or relationship. They may have had some bad experiences, memories or recurring behavioural patterns that are holding them back from achieving their true potential. 


I work with couples who want to resolve negative patterns in their relationship and deepen their communication and awareness to overcome difficulties.

Tackling issues head on at your pace

Whatever you are facing in your life, I can help you identify what is not working at a deep level and assist you in building the right foundations whilst supporting you to move towards real tangible change. 

I combine a variety of positive psychological approaches and evidence based tools to create a way of helping my clients tackle their difficulties, on their own terms.  

Therapy simply accelerates and embeds that change much faster


"The counselling and coaching have been incredibly successful for me and I am practicing putting the skills I learnt through our time together into place.  Through our sessions together I have replaced restrictive barriers and misplaced negative beliefs with healthy boundaries and positive beliefs about myself.  

The sessions have been nothing short of a life changing miracle for me.  It has been hard work but without a shadow of a doubt totally worth it." 

Business Woman, France