Sometimes, at the end of our work together, clients have offered me feedback. I hope the words used by my clients below, encourage you to take that first brave step towards creating the change in your life that you wish for. 

Testimonial for EMDR: 15 August 2018

I found that EMDR facilitated a sensitive yet rigorous re-appraisal of past emotional pain, abuse and conflict. It has helped me to reveal and connect perspectives on past traumatic experiences to find healthier, truthful objective ways to re-frame and re-process those memories. This helps to leave them in the past through a more productive lens ‘putting them to bed’ and therefore reducing their influence.

The treatment combines feelings of meditation, deep recollection and analysis in an intense, focused, almost hypnotic way, allowing you to safely open up and explore emotional pain. I found EMDR to be a transformative, calming, intense therapeutic treatment opening up a fluid style of re-engagement and free expression. The process respects the impact of past trauma, acknowledges and challenges the emotional distress caused, ultimately helping to re-appraise and minimize its influence.

I would highly recommend this wonderful treatment to anyone who is suffering with unresolved emotional distress from their past and who is looking to move forward and elevate their well-being and strengthen their sense of self.


Business woman, (Europe, via online platform)

The counselling and coaching have been incredibly successful for me and I am practicing putting the skills I learnt through our time together into place.  Through our sessions together I have replaced restrictive barriers and misplaced negative beliefs with healthy boundaries and positive beliefs about myself.  Through these sessions I have recovered from a lifelong battle with binge eating disorder, depression and a breakdown.  The sessions have been nothing short of a life changing miracle for me.  It has been hard work but without a shadow of a doubt totally worth it. 

Business Woman, London

I was struggling with confidence and had lost my way in my business. I was de-motivated and unable to focus. I had started to drink and eat too much and just wasn’t able to function at my best despite knowing exactly what I ‘should’ do. Through my business coaching with Gill, I quickly discovered what was holding me back and what I needed to focus on. With support and a space to think, I worked towards setting myself up for making a change. We set some goals and I quickly began to see the change I wanted in my life and business, really happening. Now, I am flying again.

Senior Manager and Leader, (Global coffee house)

I had given up my job and spent almost a year out of work because i felt I just couldn't cope anymore. I felt like I was really stuck in a rut that I couldn't get out of. I ended up seeing two different therapists for a number of months each before I contacted Gill.  I felt so much more positive even from the initial consultation. What I found really useful is the range of techniques she was able to draw on, to identify the cause of the problems and tackle them. It was so much more effective compared to other approaches I'd experienced.

Over the next few weeks we worked through a number of issues such as low confidence, self doubt and lack of direction at work. Before I knew it I had an interview and was in a job I thought I would never have been able to do again. I'm feeling more confident than ever before and it's helped me outside of work as well. I am so grateful to Gill for all her help, it really has changed my life and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.


I have been utterly privileged to know and work with Gill Fennings-Monkman in supervision for the past 8/9 years. During that time I have been constantly impressed with Gill’s depth of knowledge, wisdom and insight, not only in a supervisory capacity but in all areas of human development, change and growth. I would not hesitate to recommend Gill as a supervisor for coaching or therapy.

Integrative Therapy 

Gill is one of the most talented therapists I know, alongside that, she is hugely compassionate, totally grounded with the utmost integrity.  I would not hesitate to recommend Gill and, whether it’s historical complex trauma or empowering Executives and Women to create and demand a life and income they deserve. Lou Lebentz

Recovering from Anorexia......... 
Having sought counselling for my anorexia before, I was a little apprehensive about undergoing further sessions due to the last therapist’s methods being unsuccessful. However, after just one session with Gill, I left feeling so much more positive about what I could maybe achieve and over the course of the next 10 months, completely changed my way of thinking and found my way out of what seemed like a tangled mess of self doubt and unhappiness. 

What I think is very special about Gill is that you can talk to her as if you were talking to a friend. Though at the same time, in a completely non-patronising manner, Gill instills and teaches you vital tools that help you to overcome your eating disorder and gently begins to change your mindset. All our sessions were based on what I wanted to achieve and she is someone who I felt I could trust implicitly with my thoughts and feelings, which I think is important to anyone seeking help from a therapist. 

I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have been able to recover without the help of Gill and her expertise. Not only is she a wonderful therapist, she is a lovely, warm person who even during the really difficult times, it was always a pleasure and a relief to go and see.

Recovering from addiction to weed/skunk....Following 6 months of recovery coach-therapy, my 20 year old client expressed the following:

"I am much happier in my day to day, more confidant and contented. Cutting down was the first step that let me see that I am not so bad underneath. Now, I am not gonna worry about not smoking or that fear or worry will overtake me. I've gotten more in control of my feelings and i'm more conscious about them and not pushing them down and down and down. Now I can just stop. Stopping smoking has helped me find myself and I'm breaking through the wall and I am excited to put all this into practice. i'm not bothered about smoking anymore and separating myself from the negative people in my life was important. I can stick up for myself better now."         

Recovering from Binge Eating disorder........
I was initially apprehensive about having counselling sessions to address my binge eating behaviour having tried various forms of therapy in the past, all of which failed to change my habit.  However, Gill made me feel comfortable and relaxed through her empathetic approach.  She also instilled me with a new level of confidence by explaining what course our counselling sessions would take, and highlighting that many of her past clients have been successful in changing their behaviour. 

I saw Gill on a weekly basis for approximately three months, during which she helped me learn a lot about myself.  With Gill’s assistance I was able to identify where my behaviour had stemmed from and why I had maintained it.  I always thought my binge eating behaviour was something ‘external’ and out of my control but Gill facilitated me in understanding that I am very much the root cause of it; my thoughts, my ideas and my beliefs.  The most invaluable experience of counselling with Gill has been learning and applying the tools required to manage my destructive habit.  These have helped me to change my ‘black and white’ way of thinking and relax my rigid set of rules.  As a result, I can now give myself permission to do things and eat foods I was never able to in the past, as well as think in a far more positive way.  I am a lot kinder to myself these days and that has left me feeling more balanced and fulfilled.  


Overcoming personal challenges......... 
The problem can always be helped. There is hope for everyone, the problem you come with is not always the problem but a lesser factor in the end. I no longer get consumed by my problems. I can now look at them like an equation. I can problem solve. You can't change fact but you can change how you feel about it. Therapy helped me change the way I felt about a lot of things and therefore how I thought about things. Now I feel solid and clear. I felt broken and shakey and now I have a solid ground and I can think about what I need to think about. It's amazing! I feel luckier than others to have insight into myself. I don't mind that I was once shaky, I don't hate that time because I have learnt so much and I feel so differently.

Finding a way through depression......... 
Thank you for all your help, guidance and understanding...New Beginning: I screamed, I yelled, I didn't breathe. The fall was continuous, never ending. The path was dark and impervious to light. I knew my fate, death seemed certain. I hit the bottom, there was no pain, only silence and bright light. The dawn of a new peaceful beginning.


After 10 sessions for binge eating.... 
You have been such a great help and I can not believe that I have managed to stop this bingeing pattern which has been plaguing me since I was 15 years old!! I cannot thank you enough for this and I wish I had done it sooner.

A parent giving email feedback about the progress of his adult daughter since starting therapy for alcohol abuse, self-harm and relationship difficulties.....

As you know I am eternally grateful that we found you and have appreciated everything you have done. Everybody that knows her, has confided in me that she is a different person from the one she was before you took her under your wing and have seen the change in her. I have to say that I too have seen a remarkable change in my daughter recently. I think she is becoming more open, her and her partner seem to be happy and more considerate to each other. Her relationship with her son is great and I feel a lot more positive about the future for her. Thank you for all the work you are putting in with her. I appreciate it enormously. I certainly think that you came to us at the right time. I hope and pray that this positivity continues and my baby gets the life that she deserves. Once again thank you


Overcoming body hatred….. 
Thanks again for a brilliant session on Wed. I had a breakthrough when I got home where I realised I no longer have the desire to be thin, just to be healthy and happy, at whatever weight that means for my body. Sounds so simple, but it was an absolutely incredible feeling when I realised it!!! I spent the next few hours dancing around and singing at the top of my lungs and laughing uncontrollably!!! Such an amazing feeling. I feel really different now - I'm able to look at my body differently in the mirror and am just generally so much kinder to myself about food and weight. So thank you - what a breakthrough!!


A carer’s support group for eating disorders: A father with a child suffering from Anorexia Sportica gained support and guidance by attending the 6 week programme…… 
Gill facilitated a parents/carers group which helped me greatly in understanding the eating disorder of our child, helped separate me from the condition and above all helped me aid our loved one on the journey to recovery. 


How does it work?

Following an initial assessment session, preferably face to face, arrangements for follow on sessions take place at the convenience of the client, based on their needs. 

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